Monday, March 2, 2009

Brown Disappoints

Early last week the transmission arrived at the shop that I've hired to build the adaptor plate and mounting hub. In spite of the fact that we used the paper from 10 hectares of forest packing it into that box so that it was immobile, UPS managed to inflict a bit of bad. You can see one of the eyelets along the bell housing was broken off. The machinist at the shop said that it would not effect the adaptor plate, so that was good news. I looked at the photo closely and began to think "I don't remember an eyelet in that location." I looked at the service manual and sure enough, I found that it was the location of a locating pin used simply to help you hold the tranny to the motor in the right place as you bolt it on. Sweet! Absolutely no impact. Big sigh of relief.

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