Monday, April 12, 2010


The last couple weeks have been pretty busy. I'm surprised at how many people have emailed after having seen the car on Jack Rickard's Friday video. So many positive comments and compliments. Why it's enough to give a guy a swelled head :-)

One of the first people to contact me was a local man by the name of Greg who has thought long and hard about converting a car. About three weeks prior to seeing the video, he'd come to the decision that the Z3 would be the car for him to convert. He was shocked to see a converted Z3 and floored that it was actually in the same town he lived in. Greg stopped over and I gave him a full tour of the car, answered all his questions as best I could and offered to help if he ever decides to try to pull it off. A great visit and I hope to stay in touch with him.

Today I was visited by one of the true stars in the EV world, and that was George Hamstra. George works for Netgain motors the makers of the WarP series motors and of course, the motor in my Z3. An icon in the EV motor world. He was in town with some friends enjoying the fantastic Spring weather here in Arizona, and took the opportunity to stop by and see the car.

What a great time. Lots of questions, laughs and pictures! I gave George and both his friends, Charlie and Terry, rides in the car and everyone had a great time. For Charlie and Terry, it was a first time for each of them in an EV. They were reluctant to go for a ride at first, just being polite I think, and trying not to imposed. But once I coaxed them into the car, they really enjoyed it. That's always the case with anyone who rides in an electric car for the first time. That's what the call the EV grin.

It's been a real pleasure answering peoples emails and showing off the car to people that take the time to come by. I expect that things will begin to slow down now that the car isn't getting any new exposure, and that's certainly ok. But for all you faithful readers, remember, if you're ever in Chandler, and you'd like to meet up and go for a ride, let me know. It's a great community and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Thank you all.


George said...
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George said...
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George said...

It was nice to meet you! and thanks for the hospitality and showing us your vehicle. You did a great job on it! I wish I could stop by and see everyone's projects as I did with yours! Hope to see you build another in the future!
(same as original post, just less typos..)
George Hamstra