Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Last of the Mechanical Stuff

It's a late post today; it's been a busy day. Let's see...

I built the support for the tray that will hold the Zilla and the Hairball, and mounted it in place. Looking at the space, it's clear that some of the electrical stuff will have to be placed under that tray. There simply isn't enough room on top. So I laid it all out on the garage floor, trying to pick the items that were likely to need any attention after install. Apart from a failure of any one component, I think I'm set. There is one thing I'm going to have to do, and that's to sort out what the remaining wires from the cars electrical system do. There aren't many, but I need to track them down. Bleh, not looking forward to that.

I took off the power steering line that ran from the old pump to the steering rack. I took several careful measurements and soon will be taking the old tube and the new pump down to a shop that can custom fabricate a new line. I'm dreading how much that's going to cost.

Spent some time cutting and fitting some duct work for the fan that will blow fresh air into the back battery box. It will be controlled by a thermal switch in the box.

With the completion of the power steering pump, and then mounting up the A/C compressor, there will be no more major mechanical things left to do. At that point, it will be just sorting out the electrical stuff. The truth is, what remains for the A/C and the power steering are pretty minimal, so I'll be setting those aside until I have all the parts. That means I'll be starting all the electrical work in earnest tomorrow.

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