Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Installing Batteries Part III

Today I got the final box in place, anchored down and ready to hold the batteries. I spent a great deal of time making all the pieces that will hold the batteries down and in place.

Shortly after noon, the mail came and delivered the rings that I've been needing for all the testing lines. I mounted the bus bars, two in the front and two in the back. Then I started wiring each set of 4 batteries to the bus bars so that I can test the voltage on each group easily. I got the ones in the back of the car done because all those batteries are in place and wired together already.

The bottom bus has all the leads going to the positive side, and the ones on top to the negative. After I wired them together, I took a reading off of each group and they all came up the same, 13.18 volts. This way I can move down the line, testing one group after another and look for any anomalies. I still need to label the wires at the bus bars and the battery groups for easy identification.

So at this point, half the batteries are in place and secured down. Tomorrow, I'll try to get the other half in place. I still have to build all the 2/0 cables I'm going to need to jump from one box to the other, and those are time consuming, plus I need more heat shrink tubing.

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