Monday, February 15, 2010

Odds & Ends Part XI

Let's start with a list of things I did today...

  • Installed high voltage (HV) fuse
  • Ran +HV line from trunk to fuse
  • Ran +HV line from fuse to breaker
  • Ran -HV line from trunk to forward batteries
  • Ran -HV line from shunt to controller
  • Ran +HV line from breaker to contactor
  • Re-routed signal wires away from HV cables
  • Attached all signal wires for the Link10 monitor
  • Attached throttle control wires to the Zilla controller
  • Attached the RPM sensor wires to the Zilla
  • Connected the hairball (Zilla's brain) to the Zilla controller
  • Attached wires for heater to the battery
  • Attached charger to the battery

Here's a shot of the breaker and the shunt to the right and above it. As I was running all the wires to those two, I realized that there was no safe way to get all those wires in place while the batteries on the right side of the picture were in place. So, I had to disassemble the pack in that box to get that work done.

Here's a shot of the fuse I installed today. That fuse can easily handle the 1000 amps I could draw from the battery pack. But it would blow quickly in the event of a dead short.

Here's the zilla controller at the bottom of the frame, and the hairball at the top. I think I've got all the components wired to it at this point. In fact, I think I'm ready to test the system and see if I can spin the wheels. But before I do, I think I'll go over the wiring of each item, just to make sure I haven't made any bone-headed mistakes.


Gam0ra said...

Seriously are you sure you can't install a bunch of dials and meters and a giant frankenstein switch that has to be thrown before the car will run? Even just a fake one, where you could occasionally run up to the car, open the trunk manically turn a couple of dials and then dramatically throw the giant switch and have the car start making some sort of "Dynamo Powering Up" sound.

If I ever have an electric vehicle it's definitely going to have a frankenstein switch for an on/off switch.

Tim Catellier said...

That's hilarious! I need to get a white lab coat, some of those round goggles with the flat glass lenses, and grow my hair out to a wild mess to round out the whole persona. I've been working on my maniacal laugh.

Gam0ra said...

Or go the Prof. Frink route from The Simpsons.

What I'd love is an EV motorcycle with a giant frankenstein switch on the side.