Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Closer

This weekend's test with the Zilla attached proved to be as uninteresting as I had anticipated. The Zilla supposedly only draws 30 milliamps. What I found supports that. After three days with the Link-10, heater, charger, and finally the Zilla attached, the meter reported that 2.15 kWh's had been drained from the batteries. No different than any of the previous tests.

That leaves only the DC to DC converters left to test. As I've reported before, the ambient temperature here in Phoenix is high enough that the cooling fans on the converters run non-stop. I don't see any point in testing how much that draws off the pack. I'm far more interested in what is drawing power off the pack when the car appears to be doing absolutely nothing. But from the looks of things, that won't be the case until September some time.

For now I know that at least 700 of the Watt hours per day that the meter reports having left the pack is fictitious. I can live with that for now. I still have some other issues to deal with, which are minor in nature, but some of you may find interesting. Right now, I'm in lovely Sedona, so those will have to wait for next week.

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Gam0ra said...

Don't let the void eat your brain or your soul! I heard that can happen in Sedona.