Friday, July 9, 2010

Stranger Still

Let me say that the following series of events falls outside my official testing scheme. Circumstances this week have kept me from continuing along the "add one item at a time to the high voltage system" plan that I want to follow. That said, I find the following thing puzzling and not all together irrelevant.

Tuesday, I had to hook all the connections back up to the high voltage side so I could back the car out of the garage. It then sat idle, with the DC to DC converter fans running the entire time until last night. I took it for a ride and used up 1.7 kWhs. This morning, the meter read that the systems had drawn a total of 2.9 kWhs from the pack. I charged the car, and watched carefully to see how much energy the Link-10 reported going back into the pack.

If it behaved anything like last time, it would have counted back from 2.9 kWhs to around 1 kWh and then the pack would have reached it's peak voltage and the charger would start it's 10 minute decline to 0 current. However, this time it got to 0.0 (meaning the meter thought the charger had replaced all the current that had been used) and continued on. It reached +.02 or 20 W/hours before the charger reached it's voltage limit.

When it was all said and done, the charger had dumped approximately 3.4 kWhs into the pack. That means that the Link-10 had missed 600 W/hours in it's metering duties since it was last charged.

To recap, the last controlled event the meter showed that 2.5 kWhs had been drawn off when it was really closer to 200 W/hours. This time it showed that 2.9 kWhs had been drawn off when it was really closer to 3.4 kWhs. Like I said before, this doesn't fit into my official testing plan, but I think it is significant. It's showing me that the Link-10 is really giving me an approximation of the current drawn off the pack at best. More to follow.

On the bright side, the car is running beautifully. Although I'm hearing an annoying rattle that I have to chase down.

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