Monday, June 1, 2009

More metal work

I admit I've been pretty bad about posting to the blog lately. There's only so many ways you can make working with steel sound exciting! I do have a couple things to report, so here goes...

1. I'm nearly done with the battery box and all the supports for the trunk space. The truth is, that I would have been done yesterday except when I went to bolt the whole thing into the car, I discovered that I'd drilled one of the pieces wrong. There was simply no way of recovering that piece, so I had to build a new one. I did that this morning and it currently has it's first coat of paint on it. Tomorrow, I should be able to get the piece onto the assembly and bolt the whole thing up to the car.

2. I finally got word from Electro Automotive that they've finished the adaptor plate. The transmission and the other parts are on their way home, albeit 5 weeks later than promised, but who's counting. Man, did that hold me up. Once that's bolted in place, I can get the motor mounts taken care of. Then it's just a domino effect clearing the way to do all the other mechanical stuff I've been held up on.

Pictures of the completed back battery box tomorrow. Hmm, that sounds dangerously close to a commitment.

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