Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Odds & Ends Part III

Today and yesterday I did a number of small things that are of no particular interest make for riveting reading.

1. Torqued down most of the bolts mounting the drive shaft to the transmission. That was fun. Working alone under a car with almost no room trying to torque down bolts to 74 ft/lbs. I recommend it to anyone in search of a hernia. I still have to torque down the nuts that mount the drive shaft to the differential. Unfortunately, the space is too tight. I can get a socket on the nut, but not when my torque wrench is attached to it! Makes it a bit challenging. Fear not, I have a clever plan...

2. Fitted some of the cars cross bracing back in place. After all, we all love a firm chassis.

3. Worked out some spacing details, locating where exactly to put the battery trays. Still need to work out how to affix them to the chassis and brace them properly. It's astounding how well each of them is fitting at this point. They're exactly where I need them to be with just enough clearance to make it all work.

4. Took some measurements and made cardboard templates to help cut some aluminium sheets. I'd like to create a floor under the engine compartment to help keep dirty air and water out of the space, and to improve aerodynamics under the car. Plus, given the right bracing, some of the equipment can be bolted to the plate.

5. I got the remaining battery trays back. Thanks for welding them up Tim (no relation), they turned out just great! I ground down some of the welds, took a wire brush to them remove all the rust and gave them a good coat of primer.

That's about it for now. I'll be doing more paint work on the trays tomorrow. I need to sort out how to mount them in the chassis. I could use a second brain or two for that. Especially one with experience in this sort of thing.

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Gregory said...

Hey, Sitting here with dad looking at your work, totally impressed. Looks like your really getting a lot of stuff done. Hope your keeping cool in the garage. GC