Thursday, July 9, 2009

Battery Support Part I

Spent the day with my friend Tim (no relation) working on getting some supports for the battery racks welded to the frame. They turned out very well. Once they are sanded down a bit and painted, they'll look even better. Most importantly, they are really solid. They'll easily hold the batteries and be able to take the abuse of any bumps along the road.

Yesterday I built the shroud that goes around the front of the motor. There had been a metal screen like you can see in the picture below on the back end of the motor. While the impeller in the motor would pull air in to cool it, I'll get much better cooling if I force air into it. So, in that shroud, on the upper part of the left side, I'll be fitting an attachment that will accept a 2" hose, which will be fitted to a squirrel cage fan. That should keep things nice and cool.

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