Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Odds & Ends Part IV

1. Finished the duct work for the forced air cooling on the motor. You can see the gray striped tubing heading toward the firewall. The fan itself will sit back in that area.

2. My first attempt at building a cable with 2/0 copper. It wasn't too bad really, but you can see that it takes a bit of a strange route. Why didn't I go in a straight line from one terminal to the other? Well, to do that, the lug under the rubber boot stuck up from the motor a full 1/4" more than routing it the way I did. Believe it or not, I need that 1/4" to help the batteries that will be sitting on top of that to clear the hood above.

3. On both sides of the motor, you can see the brace I made running down from the motor to the motor mounts. Those are strictly to hold the motor in place when it tries to spin from the torque it generates when accelerating. I still need to drill the hole at the top to allow the 1/2" diameter bolt to go through it, but I don't have a drill bit that size yet.

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