Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back Component Box

Pictured above is the box in the trunk with three of the cars components in it. The charger on the right, and two DC to DC converters. None of it is wired up yet, or even bolted in for that matter. This is just a dry fit test. Though you can't see it, there's a cord that runs out of the back of the box on the charger's side. That runs to the fuel door on the passenger side of the car. One of those cables you see will be routed back to connect to that. The other cable will be connected to the batteries in the box that you can barely see at the very bottom of the picture.

Also on that side is a 2" tube ducted into the box to provide fresh air to the charger when it's operating. The charger has two fans in the back that vent air out the front into what will be the interior of the trunk. I need to make sure fresh air can get to those fans, and that stale air has a way out (that vent will be elsewhere). Once I've put some paint on the steel I cut to make room for that, I'll be ready to bolt it all into place.

The DC to DC converters will be wired in parallel and will put out the 12 volts needed for the car's normal electric systems, and about 80 amps continuous, 100 amps peak.


Gam0ra said...

That is really slick! What kind of plug are you going to use on it, the new standard?

Tim Catellier said...

I don't know where to get one of those new types. I'm going to use a standard 240 plug. That said, there's several "standard" 240 plugs, so I just chose one. I've already made an adapter that will let me plug a 120 line into it if that's all that's available. If necessary, I can make an adapter for any other kind of plug I might need.