Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Never Say it's Done

Last Friday I mounted, for what I thought was the last time, the aluminum tray under the motor. Well, over the weekend, I realized that with a few modifications I could improve the way it fits into the chassis. It nagged at me all weekend until I could bear it no more. Today it came out. Again. I made the modifications, wrestled with it again and finally got it back into place. While I'm not saying that it's permanent, I did put thread lock on all the bolts that hold the cross brace that it sits on into place.

I mounted the water pump as well. Not that exciting or time consuming, but one more step closer. Notice the nice brass housing.

I also permanently mounted (doh! there I go again) the back box that will house the charger and DC to DC converters. Next I'll be mounting all the components in them. I can't begin too much of the wiring at this point, but I'll do what I can before the batteries arrive.

I also sorted out how to mount the Zilla controller. There is a nifty little water tight area back near the firewall, right in front of where the passenger sits. It held the car's ECU and many other electrical connections. Most of those are gone now. I'm going to have to build a little tray to hold the controller and the hairball, but there's plenty of room, some good places to anchor the tray and it shouldn't take too much work.

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