Thursday, September 24, 2009

Power Steering Switches

I've mentioned earlier in the blog that I'm not the only person to have undertaken transforming a Z3 to an EV. A gentleman by the name of Len, who happens to reside in Malta started his conversion within a week of when I started mine. Well, he is clearly more skilled than I because his has been up and running for nearly 2 months now.

Len had figured out how to create a position sensitive assembly for the steering column that will turn the power steering pump on as soon as the steering wheel is not straight ahead. Since there is no need for power steering when you're driving in a straight line, this will help to reduce the draw on the batteries and increase range.

Earlier today, a package arrived on my doorstep from Len. He was kind enough to send along the necessary switch, shims, spacers and plans for how to duplicate the assembly on my car. What great and generous thing to do. Thank you Len!! I am most grateful.

Isn't Malta beautiful?

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