Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Batteries Have Arrived!

Here they are - 48 LiFePo4 Sky Energy 120 Amp/Hour batteries.

I popped the top off the first case to get a look at them and measure a few. They came along with a check list that states each battery checked out at 3.304 Volts. I threw the multi-meter on a few of them and found that they were each at 3.290 Volts. Not really a concern, especially since they were each the same. Later I'll number and measure each so that I can track any deviations.

Unfortunately it's not all good news. As I was looking through the other boxes I came across the interconnects that I need to tie all the batteries together. I was a bit alarmed when I saw that they were labeled "100 AH". The problem is that the 100 AH batteries are a different size from the 120's I have. I took one out to see if it would fit properly and found that it didn't.

So, at this point I have the batteries, but no way of connecting them to each other. *Sigh* I called the guys I ordered them from and they are going to work to get me the correct ones as soon as they can. Again *sigh*


Gam0ra said...

WOOHOO! and then...damnit!

That must be very frustrating.

Tim Catellier said...

Oh, so very frustrating.