Friday, January 29, 2010

Compressor Mount

Well, it took almost the whole day, but I finished the mounting bracket for the A/C compressor. No picture yet since it's not assembled. Parts of it needed to be painted. It will fit in the space nicely and will be adjustable to accommodate different size belts. It looks like I'm going to need a 31" belt, which I was able to find on Graingers web site.

I did manage to spend some time contemplating how I'm going to position the batteries so that I can connect them together the easiest. While fitting some of the batteries in place, I realized that I could make one small adjustment to improve placement. Yesterday I explained how I needed to put two of the batteries that I'd intended to put in the large box up front, in the back instead because they ran into the wiper washer nozzles. Well I figured out how to get at least one of them back into that front box. This will just free up a bit more space in the back and encourage even better airflow.

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