Friday, January 22, 2010

Charger Plug Part II

Earlier I had mentioned that I was going to need to redo the charging port for the car. I found out the charger can draw up to 25 amps even though it's the 20 amp model. Well, that renders 20 amp plug I had used insufficient. After looking around for a good solution, I hit upon the same solution nearly everyone else that uses 220 for charging uses, an L6 30 amp plug. I was lucky enough to find a recessed receptacle online for a good price.

This type of plug is also a locking plug. Push it on and turn it and it won't come out accidentally. Of course I have a kill switch connected to the charging door so that I can't drive away with the car plugged in. The kill switch is under that ugly blue thing at the top of the door. I needed to put something over the switch to keep water off of it, and the best thing I could think of was a piece of a rubber glove. That's the thumb of a rubber glove. I used magic marker on the end of it, so you don't see a bright blue sliver under the gas door. Yeah, I know it's kind of cheesy, but it works.

Also, I found out that the battery guys don't have the right interconnect straps at the shop, so they are going to have to order them from China. Fortunately they will be shipped via standard package shipping, and not container ship transport. The said they'd give me an ETA as soon as they have one.

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