Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The EV Z3 is on the Road!

I pulled the car out of the garage today, washed it down and started running it through the neighborhood for some tests.

The car isn't as quick as I'd hoped. In fact it's slower than it was with the original engine, which is quite strange. The motor should be putting out far more torque than the engine could. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll be investigating it.

So far everything is working quite well, but later in the day I noticed some noise coming from the power steering rack when I made a hard left. I'm thinking that the seals in the rack may be going, so that's another thing to investigate.

While I was hoping to drive it out of the garage and be done with all the work, it's clear that I'm going to be fiddling with it a bit more over the next few weeks and months. I guess you had to know that was going to be the case :)


Gam0ra said...

Thats the problem with being a Mad Genius Inventor, you're never done fiddling with your inventions.

Tim Catellier said...

Not so sure about that genius part. Mad, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, congrats on the maiden run. Sorry to read that more work will need to be done.

C230 guy :)