Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Great Big Thanks!

Now that the car is out of the garage and running the way it should, there's some people I'd really like to thank. Some offered a little support, some where instrumental in getting the car built.

Tim Millward - Tim did all the welding. I was absolutely at a loss without his skills. He was kind enough to drive the 50+ miles across town to work with me on several occasions. What a champ. Thanks Tim!

Ryan Bohm - Ryan is the proprietor of EV Source. I got most of my components through him and he offered terrific support. He was patient enough to answer each question I had regardless of how stupid they were. Anyone considering a vendor for EV parts could not choose a better source. Period.

Jack Rickard - Last summer Jack encouraged me to take the plunge and go for lithium batteries instead of lead acid. Boy am I glad I listened. The painstaking research that he's done on this type of battery has provided the practical knowledge that everyone in the EV world desperately needed. Theory is nice, but there is not substitute for empirical data! Check out his website when you have the time. Thank you kindly Jack!

Leonard Ellul Bonici - Len is (as far as we know) the only other person in the world to have converted a Z3. In fact, we started our conversions the same week. He finished his mid summer 2009 and has been driving it ever since. Len and I shared quite a bit of information with each other and he developed the solution we both use for the power steering proximity switch. Thanks again Len!

Josh Hardison - Josh is a friend of mine that took the time to answer all the questions I had about the fundamentals of electricity. I knew next to nothing when I started this. Josh filled in all the blanks for me.

Bill Catellier - My father Bill is one of the most mechanically adept people you could ever meet. Plus he knows a tremendous amount about electricity. He helped me refine all the design work and is one of the reasons the car turned out as well as it did.

Emily Catellier - My daughter Emily patently assisted me when ever I needed a spare hand or a gopher.

Mary Catellier - Last, but not least, my wife Mary. She thought I was crazy doing this, and she may be right. But she patiently stood by supporting me through the entire endeavor. Thanks sweety!

There were plenty of others that contributed here and there and I'm grateful to you all. I'm also grateful to all the readers of the blog (both of you). I enjoyed the whole experience.

I'll continue posting data and updates about the car as time goes by, so stay tuned!


mark maziarz said...

And the biggest thanks to you Tim! I found your blog a couple months ago (about the time you were waiting for batteries) and have read every post from your first day. It's been riveting. I've seriously been on the edge of my seat hoping you were going to get the acceleration issue figured out.
Congratulations and thanks a ton! I'm looking forward to seeing continuing posts as the car gets used.
Take care,
park city, utah

Tim Catellier said...

Thanks a lot Mark! Kind words indeed. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it. It's been quite a journey, but I feel in many ways, it's just the beginning ;-)