Friday, June 25, 2010

All Systems Go

I ran a final check of the 12v wiring this morning, and after I was convinced everything was OK, I connected the 12v SLI battery. The car came to life just as one would hope. All systems checked out. With a couple minor adjustments, the 12v system was healthy and ready to go.

I ended up needing to move the proximity switch for the power steering pump about 1/8". The power steering pump wasn't cutting off. I also had so shim the aluminum plate that the vacuum pump sits on because it was rattling and making a lot of noise. I shimmed it, and anchored it down, and now the new vacuum pump is so much more quiet than the old one. It was worth every penny.

Once I was happy with all the 12v systems worked, I turned my attention to the high voltage system. I double checked everything and threw the breaker. No big arcs, and no loud pops, so that's good. It was time to start the car up. A twist of the key, a click of the main contactor, and the car was live. I gave it a little throttle and the wheels started spinning. Excellent!!

Now for the real test. Was there any more wobble in the drive line? I revved it up to 4000 RPM and... smooth as glass. Then I ran it through the gears to be sure the clutch was working OK. Everything checks out.

I have a few more things to do before I take it down and drive it. Unfortunately, no time to do any of that until next week. *Sigh*

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