Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Progress

The batteries are all in place and anchored down.

Here's a shot of the front with all the batteries in place and anchored down. I've run new testing wires from each group of four batteries up to the little bus bars that are anchored on the back of the front rack and the front of the back rack. I've included a 2 amp fuse in line on each lead from the positive side. Any short will quickly blow the fuse and keep the wire from melting down and starting a fire.

Here's a shot of where I placed that one (ahem) extra battery. On the right is a shot of the battery box in the trunk as it was when I first finished it. On the left you can see the extra battery pushed down in the gap at the end of the box. It worked out very well, and was easy to get into place and clamp down.

After I hooked them all up, I went through and took a voltage reading on all the batteries. After sitting for over two months, with 2/3's of the batteries sitting in a box and the rest still wired up in the car, they each read 3.29 volts. I suppose I had no reason to expect anything different, but I couldn't help being impressed. These really are great batteries.

I want to go through and re-verify and recheck all the connections for the high volt system and the 12 volt system before I replace all the fuses and throw the breaker. I should be able to get that done early tomorrow. There are still a few things I need to do after that and before it comes off the jack stands, so a Friday launch is looking unlikely. But that's OK, I should be back on the road next week. Can't wait to feel that EV grin again!

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