Thursday, June 17, 2010

Front Battery Tray

Today I finished building out the front battery tray. Here's a shot of the assembly sitting on the garage floor.

Later, in the afternoon, I got the whole assembly mounted in the car.

That involved doing some minor, but time consuming work on the mount for the power steering pump. I had to keep it in the same position in the compartment relative to the steering rack. So even though the battery rack moved forward, and the pump had been attached to that rack before, I needed to keep the pump from moving along with it.

Now I just need to mount the back tray, secure the batteries to it, run all the interconnects, find a new location for the shunt and the emergency disconnect and then finish the mount for the throttle assembly. Then I can start checking all the wiring and start testing things. If all goes well, it will be out of the garage sometime next week.

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