Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Better Day In the Garage

I managed not to break, burn or otherwise ruin anything today. And for that reason I say it was a good day.

Having learned how to connect the off delay relay to the system, thanks to the selfless sacrifice of the original relay, I was able to finish all the wiring for the multiple switches and relays that will power the power steering pump. When the replacement relay arrives, I simply have to drop it into the socket that I already have wired and fastened to the car.

I finished up some other wiring as well; the heater element and all it's switches and relays, the DC to DC converter that will provide 12 volt power to and also isolate the Link 10 battery monitor as well as some miscellaneous little things. There really isn't much more I can do in the way of wiring until the batteries arrive and I can start putting them in place.

One of the things I'd like to try and do is make the car more streamline. People will often cover all the divots and cavities on the undercarriage of the car so there are as few aerodynamic disturbances as possible. The one thing I think I'll easily be able to cover is the area where the transmission sits and the drive shaft back to the differential. It's a long straight cavity about 48 inches in length and there are bolts sticking down on either side at regular intervals. Those bolts held things like heat shielding for the exhaust system and the fuel lines. Now they will make handy anchors to hold the pieces of aluminum that I intend to cover that cavity with. I think tomorrow I'll start measuring and cutting the aluminum sheet I have and see if I can fit in into place.

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