Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Odds & Ends Part VIII

I walked out this morning to begin working on the finishing touches to the heating system. I looked at the wiring, where I'd left off, and realized that I either made a mistake earlier, or simply couldn't figure out what I had been doing. Turns out it was both. It was then that I decided it might be best to put a label on every wire coming into the electrics bay so there was no confusion as to what's what. Now, anyone can look at it and know exactly what's going on.

After everything was tidied up, I started working on the heating system. I ran the new lines to the new switch, and hooked them up to the two relays. One relay will power the switch only when the fan is on, the other will turn on the heating element when the switch is on.

Next I started on some of the wiring for the DC to DC converters. They have a feature that will allow them to charge the auxiliary 12 battery when the car is on, but then drop the voltage down to a float level when the car is off. To do that, you need a wire up a couple relays and run power to them from the ignition switch.

Well, that's three more items off the check list.

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