Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Link 10 Meter Is In

As you can see, I've mounted the battery meter in the center console. There had been a clock in that space, and as luck would have it, it was exactly the same size as the meter. I hooked up all the wires to the meter and ran them to their appropriate destinations, but I can't hook them all up on the far end because the components they need to be attached to aren't all in place yet. Still the meter looks good in that space.

The meter will tell me a variety of things including the amount of amps being drawn, the total amount of kilowatt hours used as well as the depth of discharge on the batteries. That little line of LEDs across the top are essentially a bar graph that indicate how much charge is left in the batteries.

You'll also notice the switch to the left of the meter. It doesn't look stock because it's not! That's the switch that will turn on the ceramic heater.

There will be a new stereo in the gaping hole at the top of the photo, complete with XM radio and an iPod interface. :)

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