Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Throttle Assembly

Today I sorted out the throttle assembly, and it turned out pretty good. Here's a quick shot:

The first thing I built was swage assembly where the throttle cable terminates. It holds a plastic spacer that holds the cable in place in the assembly. The swage assembly is held in place on a screw that I've put through the pedal arm. As you can see, I've sawed the pedal it's self off.

The cable was originally passed through and was mounted to a metal plate. You can see on the right side, I've built something that approximates that piece. The cable goes though that piece of steel, and is held in place by a bushing. You can turn that piece behind the bushing to move it closer or further from the connection point at the end, essentially for fine adjustments to the throttle cable position. (Eventually the C clamp will give way to a permanent mount on the box.)

The cable has 46 mm of travel from when the pedal in the car is up to fully floored. I've measured and mounted it the assembly carefully so that it also has exactly 46 mm of travel. Of course with the fine adjustments I can make to the cable in, and a movable hard stop located under the pedal in the car, I should be able to get it exactly right.

I tested the pedal and it's a bit stiffer than I would have liked, but such is life.

Over the weekend I wrote down a list of everything left to do at this point. There are 43 items on the list, 14 of which are dependent on the batteries being here in the garage. Well I found out yesterday that the soonest they will arrive is the end of November. That means I have roughly 3 weeks to do the remaining 29 items. Today I knocked 3 off, so I'm down to 26. I'm sure that others tasks will be added to the list as things pop up, but overall, I'd say I'm making good progress.

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