Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Odds & Ends Part X

Sorry, another day without pictures. Let's see... What did I do today?

I decided I better sort out that problem with the heater fan. You may remember the story. After soldering a wire to one of the leads coming off the wiring harness on the heater fan switch, I put it all back together. Once I hooked the 12 volt battery up, I found the fan ran at low speed constantly, even when the switch was off. Although it didn't look like it, I must have messed up that harness. I tried like hell to take that harness apart, but it's built better than Scarlett Johansson! Eventually I decided the best way to eliminate the problem was to eliminate the wiring harness I'd fouled up and just hook the individual wires up to the switch directly. A quite simple thing since I could connect them all with normal blade connectors crimped onto the wires.

Once I had all the wires on and the switch on, I hooked the battery up again and... whirrrrrrrr. What!!! I was totally baffled. It was at that point I looked down and happen to gaze upon the switch that turns on air recirculation in the cabin. No way... Yes. I pressed the button and the fan went off. *sigh* At least it works now.

I did lots of other little bits today. I built the wires that will run from the charger to the batteries. Since I was pleased with the LED lights I had, I went ahead and installed the rest. They really do look great. I tested that other LED head light as well and found it to be crap just like the first. That's too bad, I'd really hoped they'd be good. I spent some time gathering up and running wires in bunches and anchoring them down. I've got some wiring loom that I'll be putting them in when I'm done running new ones, but for now at least, they look better and don't flop around everywhere.

I'm starting to run low on stuff to do while waiting for the batteries. Still the more I do now, before they arrive, the sooner I'll be on the road after they arrive.

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